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Editors. Proofreaders. Scholars.


Editorial Services

How can we help you? You are your words. Your words are you. Do you want to rise to the top? WordPunc can polish your text to present the best possible you. We provide editing and proofreading services. We specialize in academic writing, but if you can write it, we can polish it, tighten it, trim it, touch it up, elevate it, enhance it, refine it, and sharpen it. Not a native English speaker? We can make your manuscript sound like you are!

What do we edit? We edit most nonfiction, including academic books, journal articles, science communication, dissertations, theses, reports, business documents, manuals, and web sites.

What subjects? Most nonfiction and academic subjects, with a specialization in neuroscience, cognitive science, and psychology. We also enjoy editing science for the public, social science, humanities, education, culture, finance, business, health, politics, current affairs, and manuals.

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