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Editing & Proofreading Services

Thoughtful. Thorough. That's it.

Open Magazines


Clarity. Coherence. Consistency. Accuracy.

We offer copyediting in three flavors. Click a button below to learn more about each.

There are many definitions of copyediting and proofreading and mine aren't definitive. Refer to these editorial associations for more information about what editors do: editorial freelancers association     editors canada


Final check.

After the writing, editing, and copyediting, proofreading is the final check for anything copyediting might have missed: typos, repeated or missing words, spelling, punctuation, and formatting, errors introduced during copyediting, and resolution of any licensing issues.

Resumes, Cover letters, & Essays

Get your dream job.
Get into your dream school.

It's a jungle out there. You need to stand out to get hired or get into that school. Don't let errors on your application materials be the first impression. We make resumes, cover letters, and essays shine. Let us help you succeed.

Stylistic Editing

You've got style!

Stylistic editing (also called line editing)

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