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Editor. Proofreader. Scholar.

My Story

I started WordPunc to induldge my fingers, which get a little anxious if they're away from a keyboard for too long. I'm a West Coast transplant from the Eastern US, and before settling in San Diego I lived in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC (Northern Virginia too, but that's practically DC). And yes, San Diego is as great as everyone says. I spent my early working years in restaurants (which I still spend a lot of time in, but eating, not working) and my more recent professional years as a cognitive neuroscientist (PhD in neuroscience). I've always been fond of words and languages, as both a consumer and a producer. I feel lucky and honored that clients trust me to read and tinker with their words before they send them out into the wild.

Thank you for your business,

p.s. Enjoy the slideshow below and guess whether each picture is from the East or West Coast.
And if you need a break, enjoy some happy animal photos by going to the secret bonus page (mouse over About Me).

Bustling New York
Sunset Over Manhattan
Washington Monument
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Sunset Over New York City
Crossing Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Stone Tower
Crossing the Bridge
Coastline at Sunset
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